Why shop from The Scientific Center?
All products bought from the center’s Gift Shop supports our mission of igniting creativity and curiosity in children and adults. We have products catered to all age groups, including babies and infants, promising to deliver a fun learning experience with every purchase.
Nearly all of our products are aimed at being educational, nurturing, and enlightening young minds. If not focused on educating about the wonders of science, the products available will still fall within the Center’s mission and vision, such as promoting environmental sustainability through the use of reusable bottles, carry-all bags and so on.
We aim to bring you fun, engaging, and educational toys locally and from all over the world!
Are the products on the online store different from the ones in the center?
For the most part they are the same, however, there are sometimes exclusive offerings only available in-store or on the online web shop! Keep an eye out on our social media channels for exclusive items.
Are the prices on the online store different from the ones in the center?
No, all product prices are the same, whether bought in store or online. However, the Annual Membership Gift Shop discount is only available at our physical brick & mortar shop at the center.
Are all your products environmentally friendly?
Not yet, but we are working on having a bigger selection of environmentally friendly products. In 2018 The Scientific Center committed itself to removing all single-use plastic from the center’s operations, and the Gift Shop no longer offers plastic bags to shoppers. Recycled paper bags are now used for shoppers, or we encourage visitors to purchase one of the tote-bags on offer to reduce their carbon footprint!